We're looking for...

  • EarthBox® Gardening Class Volunteers
  • Tennis Teaching
  • Assistant to the Pro
  • Teaching Mini Sessions in Self Advocacy
  • Practicing with the Students
  • Collecting Racquets and Maintaining the Racquet Program
  • Fund raising

To Volunteer

To volunteer, contact Sally Marshall, Executive Director of KC’s Kamp for Kids at (727) 560-7764 or complete the application below.

Become a Volunteer

Our volunteers are the backbone of our organization. We simply would not exist if it weren't for our members' generosity of time and support. No matter your level of support, it makes a huge difference. We are always looking for helping hands, especially that of tennis instructors, at any level of involvement. 

Volunteering is a wonderful way to get involved with our community and give our love of the game of tennis to the next generation. Come learn to play again with the kids and have fun in an informal learning & play environment!

EarthBox® Gardening Volunteers

No experience needed, will train, no heavy lifting!  

EarthBox® Gardening is one of the most sensible systems in gardening, resulting in better yields than traditional box gardening, with fewer pest.  It was invented by a 5th generation tomato farmer in Ellenton, FL.

KC’s Kamp for Kids is offering an after school class in EarthBox® Gardening for the children (ages 5-13) at the Woodlawn Police Athletic League Facility, located at 1950 16th St. N in St. Petersburg.  Kids will learn how to prepare and plant an EarthBox®, how to care for their plants, how to harvest and how to prepare the foods they grow to take home and share with their families.