July 25

KC's Kamp for Kids,  has just completed their 2017 summer season of having kids go to camp for a week to play tennis! We would like to thank Seminole Tennis and Golf Club and The Racquet Club of St. Petersburg,  for being partners with our organization. We also would like to thank all our donors that made it possible for these kids to have the opportunity to experience tennis, swimming, and making new friends!

We will continue to post the thank you notes that we receive!

Dear KC's Kamp for Kids,

I was delighted to receive the scholarship. It meant I would get to go out and play for a whole week with people. It's hard doing that in the summer when there is no one else who can play with you in singles or doubles. I chose to go to The Racquet Club of St. Petersburg. To see that younger kids had similar skills as me makes it fun sit is a challenge when rallying. I made 3 friends that I constantly played with the whole week. 

I enjoyed speaking with coaches and staff. It was my first time at a camp and they made me feel welcomed. The camp was very friendly and it wasn't hard to socialize when everyone had a common interest, tennis. I took advantage of beignet the camp by playing as much as I could. Even if we had a choice of swimming in the pool after lunch, I still chose to play tennis. That was one of the best parts as it was generous that the camp offered us choices of either the pool or to continue playing tennis after our lessons.

The activities that we played required independent or team efforts. I especially liked the group activities as it taught me how to work on my feet and quickly save my partners. It meant practicing more with those who need the extra help to catch up. During my week at the camp, I would have kids come up to me and ask to rally.I liked that they did. It kept me busy while they also benefitted.

I chose the Racquet Club of St. Petersburg NE because they had Hard-Tru courts. They also had hard courts, but I specifically wanted to experience the Hard-Tru courts since the high school team that I play for uses those courts for girls districts. I figured out how to safely slide on it and use it to my advantage in matches. Now, I am more eager to start playing again.


FALL 2017



After school programs starting in OCTOBER 2017


After school programs starting the end of OCTOBER 2017


AFTER school programs begin in NOVEMBER 2017

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