Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed to help with classes.  EarthBox® Gardening is fun and easy, and no heavy lifting or experience is required.  To volunteer, contact Sally Marshall, Executive Director of KC’s Kamp for Kids at (727) 560-7764.

Special Gardening Days

A number of special days in the garden are planned:


About  the Program

Since October 2016, the kids have started their own EarthBox® Gardens.  They harvested their own collard and mustard greens that were prepared by Mr. Eddy for their Thanksgiving meal that were served to 120 children and their families from PAL N and PAL Midtown.

EarthBox® Gardening is one of the most sensible systems in gardening, resulting in better yields than traditional box gardening, with fewer pests.  It was invented by a 5th generation tomato farmer in Ellenton, FL.  You can see pictures of the EarthBox® Research Center at 1023 Ellenton-Gillette Road in Ellenton, Florida here.

KC’s Kamp for Kids is offering an after school class in EarthBox® Gardening for the children (ages 5-13) at the Woodlawn Police Athletic League Facility, located at 1950 16th St. N in St. Petersburg.  Kids will learn how to prepare and plant an EarthBox®, how to care for their plants, how to harvest and how to prepare the foods they grow to take home and share with their families.

2017 After School EarthBox® 
Gardening Program

  • Date:  30 October 2017 through 20November 2017 - Each class is two days, Monday and Tuesday, and repeat each week.  
  • Time:  3:30-5:30PM
  • Who:  Kids aged 5-13
  • Location:  Police Athletic League (PAL) Facility, 1450 16th St N, St. Petersburg, FL
  • Cost:  FREE, but must be registered for the PAL After School Program